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Women in CannaBiz- by Blunt Strategies, "Natreum Hemp Wellness," - Saint Louis Park, MN

“As a woman in the cannabis industry, you have the power to remind others of their female customers. We are an economic force in this society and we must use it for the benefit of others. Women will eventually exceed men in purchasing cannabis products when there are more products designed for them..." - Dr. Genester Wilson-King, Founder and Medical Director of Victory Rejuvenation Center, Lake Mary, FL.

On Tuesday, 3/21/23, Natreum Hemp Wellness in Saint Louis Park, MN, hosted Blunt Strategies and other Female CannaBIZ owners of Minnesota. We networked, snacked, and sampled to our Cannabis hearts contents. It was a friendly reminder that when you want to accomplish something, you can accomplish something- especially with a little Girl Power.

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