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About Our Consultants

Kayla Fearing-

Founder, Owner, Consultant

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High! My name is Kayla Fearing and I am Healing Fear Consulting-

Healthcare Science based Cannabinoid Education Consultant.

I am a medical science enthusiast, Native Minnesotan,  and a Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient; I want to be your bestfriend in HealTHCare.

I enjoy showing others how to go from opioids to cannabis; a cannabinoid at a time. 
I lost my career has a Physical Therapy tech in May of 2020,  and it made me reconsider how patients could AND should, advocate for themselves- Including me.

I moved to Michigan, USA, literally, the day after losing my healthcare job,  and begin my goal of "burning up" the negative stigma of cannabis in healthcare and human services. Michigan's cannabis industry is like no other, in regards to community, products and patient advocacy, in my experience. I started Healing Fear Consulting in July 2021 to have a chance outside of my dispensary job, to continue to help patients outside of dispensaries, and clinics. 
The goal of Healing Fear Consulting is to help patients whom are looking to transition from opioids and/or Pharmaceuticals, or other substances, onto cannabinoid products. We believe in HardmReduction practices.

Addicts, Athletes, and those diagnosed with Autism, or Alzheimer's/Dementia are a few of our "favorite," patients to help guide away from opioids. 
Healing Fear Consulting  works to educate patients and cannabis users about the most beneficial products, routes of consumption, and latest in cannabinoid medical news that involves our wonderful Endocannabinoid system. 
Healing Fear Consulting believes-

"One should be able to seek, and grow, their own chosen medicine. Cannabis shouldn't be treated like a retail product; it should be treated as the healing plant it is."

Healing Fear Consulting is available for one on one consulting/education sessions, online video seminars, custom gifts, personal shopping, store presentations, travel consultations, and

group sessions!  

All inquiries should be sent to us at:
I sincerely looking forward to growing with you . 

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