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"When We Hit the Farm... It's a Photoshoot!" -Washington County, Minnesota

SWIPE to see the ✨process✨of a DOPE project brought to us by;

These ladies did awesome on coaching @cultivatedglow, @cronkmolly and myself on how to be their models for their creative project showcasing us ladies in the CannaBIZ. 💚🌱✨ @mjhabadashary was a gorgeous backdrop, also, providing delicious treats. Thanks @twincitiesthcofficial for delicious drinks.

Can’t wait to see the full spread in a few weeks, but until then, enjoy the day as much as I did in photos. :D Here's a little sneak peak!

Hair: (I’m going to find his account because he DID GREAT with my thick, curly, heavy hair). 💈

Makeup: @brooklynkulla 💄

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