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What IS a Cannabis Caregivers Program? Minnesota-

If you follow me on other social media outlets, you've most likely been seeing me push my biggest concern in legalization of cannabis;

Where is the Minnesota Cannabis Caregivers Program at???

I fully believe that in a STATE that prides itself in it's medical and agricultural milestones, it's about time we develop a program that honors our Minnesotan State Constitution, Article 13, Section 7, and Honors the Caregiver aka, the home grower/processor to give patients access to affordable, and QUALITY cannabis medicines.

Come on down to Grounded Gardens in Saint Paul, 12/20/23, 6:30pm to 8:00pm to share your ideas, and opinions, on this amendment proposal.

Shoutout to Catherine (Seven) Franklin, Bridgette Bethke Pinder and Bob & Erin Walloch, in helping me push this! MINNESOTANS DESERVE THIS.

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