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This is WHY Healing Fear Consulting exists; Patient Review

Sincerely, folks, this is what the "entire thing," is about for me; I don't need sponsorships. I don't need to be an influencer. I just want patients to know they have options for medical/pain relief, that are as simple as a plant; A medicinal plant, that keeps on giving. This review on the Healing Fear Consulting's Facebook Page tonight made me so happy.

Shoutout to Carpe Diem for having an amazing topical products, that I was able to scoop a little up for this young ladies father to try; and shoutout to You Betcha Cannabis Co., and CBD Plus, for the CBN/THC Gummy samples.

(I like keepin' it local, for locals).

Even more excited to be celebrating Healing Fear Consulting's TWO YEAR anniversary this weekend! :)

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