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SF4782 Passes the Senate- Saint Paul, MN

Two of Three Votes, DONE ✅

P A S S E D!

The Senate has been rocky the last few weeks (FREEMITCH), but they DID in fact end up voting on SF4782 on the Senate Floor, and with a single vote advantage, it has PASSED! 🥳🙌🏼💚🤘🏼🌱💪🏼

34 🟢

33 🔴

Now, no language from SF4734 was added into the senate bill; that’s where conference committee is very important and our THIRD and final vote. This is also a closed door committee, meaning, Politicians go in together and now will decide the details of a Designated Caregiver Program. ie, patient count, plant count, managing office, start date, ect. Minimum will be ONE PATIENT/ EIGHT PLANTS, thanks to HF4757

This should be accomplished by May 20.

Don’t celebrate quite yet- we got one more stop before we’re signing Caregiver-Patient agreements, growmies. 🌱💚

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