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SF 73: Human Services

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

SF 73 being heard by the Human Services committee today- I’m also testifying again about how important cannabinoids are in all realms of medicine. Photos are limited, due to the committee going after hours... BUT;

Committee Passed!

Please enjoy my fashion show... :)

Video of Testimony: (1:08:00).

*Full Testimony text of Human Services Committee, 3/1/23*

"My name is Kayla Fearing- I am a small business owner of Healing Fear Consulting, Which specializes in healthcare science based cannabinoid education.

I have been a healthcare worker for 15 years. I am also a Michigan Medical Cannabis patient due to not qualifying for Minnesota’s cannabis program.

The last three years, I’ve worked in the Michigan and Illinois Cannabis markets.

I’ve learned a lot from a medical career in the Midwest; BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY,

I learned that Cannabinoids HAVE A PLACE, and need to be incorporated into medicine; in practice and with professionals. It is a DISSERVICE to our Human Service professionals, and programs, to act like cannabis is “The Devils Lettuce,” Cannabis is a therapeutic plant.

Cannabis, and Cannabinoid products, should be treated like any other Over the

Counter; especially in a recreational and medical market. If one has allergies, Benadryl is always recommended first; People abuse and become addicted to Benadryl. Same for Robitussin. Both Benadryl and Robitussin are recommended before being referred to an Allergy or ENT Specialist in the medical world. To continue to treat cannabis in the healthcare and human service industries in any other way, is ignorant.

Our OWN Minnesota Medical Assistance program, which I grew up on, and have been on and off, offers 30 days of opioids for $1.00; That is encouraging an opioid addiction, and an illicit opioid market; while we as healthcare workers, and human services departments, are expected to discourage cannabis use. It is ignorant.

My best friend of twenty years, Chad Medellin, died of an accidental fentanyl overdose April 5th, 2022. He was 1/3 whom opened Caydence Records and Coffee on Saint Paul’s East Side, an Artist, and a father. He was encouraged by his program staff at Hazelton, over his years of sobriety, to continue pill use while he battled PTSD- but not use cannabis. Chad was 32.

While working at cannabis shops, with medical and recreational licenses in Michigan, averaging 1400 customers a day, MOST were Recreational purchasers- this is due to patients CHOOSING not to get a medical card, but, patients and those 21+ choosing to recreational cannabis as medicine; Patients and Private Citizens should have the right to seek, and grow, and the medicine of their choice in Minnesota, too. If one works in healthcare, or human service, like I myself, we should also be able to exercise our right to our chosen medicine- I’m a chronic pain patient. I can consume a gram of high potency medical cannabis concentrate a day. Every BODY is different, and I ask Minnesota lawmakers, and this committee, to acknowledge that. REGARDLESS if it’s a medical cannabis card, or, to practice their right to buy “Over the Counter,” AKA RECERATIONAL CANNABIS, use it, and grow it for their own supply.

We cannot limit natural occurring cannabinoids to patients. CBN, CBG, CBC. THCA, ect, all deserve to be legalized in this bill- not just CBD, and THC. AS lawmakers, it is your responsibility to educated yourself on Terpenes, and Cannabinoids. Everybody uses Cannabinoid products, and every BODY reacts differently. Nurses, Teachers, clergy, LEOS, surgeons, grandparents, college students, Physicians, Pro athletes, disabled, abled, and even POLITICIANS, all use cannabinoid products.

I hope this committee can truly help END the stigma of THC that is in Healthcare.

Thank you for the opportunity to testify. "

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