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SF 73: Health and Human Services

Tuesday, 2/21/23, I testified in front of the Minnesota State Senate Committee and Minnesota State House Committee; of course, behind @govjventura both times. 🥴🌱 started my day off with Tea, and “T” HC.

Photos and video from the Senate Hearing. Below I have my text of testimony. :)

Full Testimony Text:


My name is Kayla Fearing- I am a small business owner of Healing Fear Consulting, which specializes in healthcare science based cannabinoid education. I have been a healthcare worker for 15 years. The last three years, I’ve worked in Michigan and the Illinois Cannabis markets. I’ve learned a lot from Midwestern States; BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY Cannabinoids need to be incorporated into medicine.

My educational background is in Kinesiology. And Ironically enough, with minors in pre- addiction studies and leadership at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. I also completed the Saint Paul Fire Dept. Emergency Medical Services Academy in 2014.

I am also a daily cannabis user. I am a Michigan medical patient because, even though I was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I don’t qualify for our own Cannabis Medical Program. I’ve had three reconstructive surgeries, on my left leg, and I’ve had a 1/3 of my right lung removed- all before I turned 30 years old. Amongst other mental health diagnosis. I have only ever been offered Opioids by Minnesota physicians. These are the reasons why I smoke cannabis. I can smoke up to a gram of cannabis concentrate every day for my pain. Cannabis helps me have a meaningful quality of life. And be the best healthcare worker I can be. I hold no licensees currently, so I want to be heard as a healthcare worker on how much I believe in cannabinoids as medicine.

The last dispensary I worked at, was 25 min West of Detroit, MI. It was in an extremely conservative county- We averaged 1400 people A DAY. 9am-9pm. Those weren't ALL people just looking for a RECREATIONAL party favor- they were people looking for medicine for a variety of diagnosis. About 30 people a week were Minnesotans- just at MY shop. Minnesotans are traveling for their medicine like the elderly took coach buses to Canada in the mid-90s for Prescriptions. Again, to have accessable medicine.

The patients I hope to serve the most with my business are Athletes, those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and those with Addictions especially Alcoholism and Opioids. End the Stigma in Healthcare.  Cannabinoids have been proven to help individuals whom fall into these categories- amongst other categories.

We cannot limit natural occurring cannabinoids to patients. CBN, CBG, CBC. THCA, ect, all deserve to be legalized in this bill- not just CBD, and THC. AS lawmakers, it is your responsibility to educated yourself on Terpenes, and Cannabinoids. Everybody uses Cannabinoid products, and every BODY reacts differently. Nurses, Teachers, clergy, LEOS, surgeons, grandparents, college students, Physicians, Pro athletes, disabled, abled, and even POLITICIANS, all use cannabinoid products. It’s time we take the stigma of cannabis out of healthcare. I know because I’ve gotten all these subcultures of patients cannabis products before.  

If we’re a “Safe Haven,” state, I feel like Minnesota should accept all state medical cards, like our neighbors in Michigan. If we’re Minnesota, the Midwestern state that takes so much pride in our agriculture and medical programs, why isn’t this PRIDE being applied to cannabis- a plant and a medicine? Patients at our top notch medicine systems, from any legal state, should be able to still access their cannabinoid medicine while here seeking medical care.

I’ve attended every hearing in the House or Senate this session on HF 100 and SF 73- Our Minnesota Constitution has been brought up, Article 13, Section 7, says "No license necessary to peddle- “Any person may sell or peddle the products of the farm or garden occupied and cultivated by him without obtaining a license therefor.”; Adapt a caregiver program like our friends East in Michigan- Let the craft cannabis product developers, or caregivers, continue making effective medicine for their patients. Michigan has three markets- Recreational, Medical, and Caregiver. A Caregiver market would be THE ONLY way you can have legalization with taxes, licenses, and honoring our Minnesotan State Constitution. To add to that, our limits need to be reconsidered, and increased as well. Eight plants, four mature, is insulting to anyone who knows the genetics of the cannabis plant. If limits on possession and homegrow are not reconsidered, you will continue to feed an illicit market. People will ALWAYS get their medicine. I have witnessed it in multiple states, and markets.

As Gov. Ventura said, And Dirty HARRY Callahan- “if it’s against the law, the law is wrong.” THC is in the word "Healthcare," and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I appreciate the opportunity to testify. I support SF 73 WITH revisions that are still to happen. I stand for questions about my career in healthcare, or cannabinoid education. Thank You."

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