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Prairie Grass Harvest Fest- Madison, MN

An awesome time was had at the FIRST EVER Prairie Grass Harvest Festival, Saturday Nov 4, 2023- which is the canna project of That Stoner's Mom

The festival took place in Madison, MN, and it was wonderful to see the "Twin Cities" brands that made the drive to celebrate, partake, and educate the Western Part of the State of Minnesota! *Which, btw, is super curious, and WANT to learn!* The event encouraged community, and I hope the locals can gossip enough about it with each other it only brings more awareness of the plant.

It was really fun visiting, AND VENDING with my canna friends! (I'm always down to vend events, canna folks)!, with House Of Oilworx, Bud Baker and Dabstracts, Cultivated Glow, Dougs Nugs, Head in the Trees, Danger Cat Cutz, Twin Cities Botanicals, Verist, Pharo Distro, The Urban Grow Store, and of course, Healing Stone Therapy.

Shoutout to the brands that couldn't make it physically but sent product for locals to try and learn about- Mi Sota Essence, You Betcha Canna, Carpe Diem Health and Wellness, Superior Cannabis Company - TM, and advertising sponsor, Crested River- The MORE Minnesotan brands that represent, the MORE locals will trust this PLANT and Industry.

...Pretty sure those Stoners, "The Beetles," sang, "Come Together," or something. ;)

See you next time, Madison, MN. and Lu T. Fisk.

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