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Patients, Brands, and Philanthropists- Healing Fear Consulting Needs Help;

Dear, Healing Fear Consulting Patients, Supporters, and Peers;

Healing Fear Consulting, LLC was started in July of 2021, out of my own patient resentment for corporate cannabis, and the low quality products produced then sold. It was started with the confidence that I could help the patients and customers I was meeting at dispensaries, everyday, find the proper cannabinoid products for their individual bodies, without having to break their banks. After working in healthcare sciences all of my life, I believe patients should exercise their right to choose where their plant medicines come from, and receive quality medicine at an affordable price. I am so thankful to say, in almost three years, I have helped about 140 individuals find cannabinoid products that would go on to replace opioids, and/or other man made substances, in these individual patients lives.

In 2024, Healing Fear Consulting is looking to be even more involved in patient advocacy, and empowering patients to advocate for themselves, and for higher quality products; in order to advocate better, Healing Fear Consulting needs exposure, and, to be blunt, help.

Healing Fear Consulting is asking for fiscal donations, of any amount. These donations will be used to fund cannabis conference fees and to purchase marketing materials to create exposure, and pay for expenses related to advocating for patients, (events, political lobbying, gas, parking, sample/product purchases).

To Donate, please use Healing Fear Consulting’s Venmo account at: @HealingFearConsulting

Our fiscal donation goal currently is $1,500.00. Please reach out to arrange cash or check donations.

Along with fiscal donations, Healing Fear Consulting is also asking for more small business relationships, and support, in order to provide in-store classes.These classes can be curated to your individual customers interests and needs. Classes can be booked on my website. If you are a business that makes a product, and have sample “packs”, please consider donating samples to Healing Fear Consulting, to help better educate patients on the many products available on the market.

Website:; Please reach out for a mailing address to send samples.

“Thank you,” to those small businesses who have believed in me, and donated samples, previously- Your contributions have made many patient connections possible with cannabinoid products. An advanced, “Thank You!” to those Healing Fear Consulting Patients, Supporters, and Peers, who may choose to donate soon; you truly will be making a difference in eliminating the stigmas related to cannabinoids.

Your Friend in HealTHCare,

Kayla Fearing, Owner, Healing Fear Consulting, LLC

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