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"Opioids to Cannabinoids" Ganja Mama's Presentation- Lake Elmo, Minnesota

THANK YOU everyone who showed up and participated in the conversations as Healing Fear Consulting presented at Ganja Mama's in Lake Elmo, MN!

I am so thankful for those who are genuinely curious about how to incorporate Canna Products into their healthcare routines and replace opioids and man made pills. We had a wonderful pre- and post- presentation sesh, with guests and got to learn about each others lifestyles a little more.

The event was advertised to be focused on Women's Health, but it was SO COOL to see half the room filled with Men!

Thank you, Amber, and Ganja Mamas for having me! Let's do it again sometime. ;) As well as Heather and You Betcha Canna for helping me out with samplings for our guests!

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