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Now it's up to the Conference Committee- Minnesota State Capitol

I’m a retired lobbyist now;

The conference committee for HF4757 has been assigned this week, and now all of us whom have been pushing for and following along with HF3766/SF4734 get to anxiously/patiently wait for what our Politicians decide to do with a Minnesota Caregiver Program. 🥹

I keep being thanked: but thank you all. Insta has been my largest platform for advertising this proposal, and without you folks, we would have had nothing. Thank you all so much for the shares, the statements, the honest, and vulnerable stories of how a caregiver program could benefit you, or someone you love in your life. We all deserve a higher quality of life.

In today’s last push, I again, asked for Three Patients/Eight Plants a patient, per registered designated caregiver. Dropped letters off to the Senators and the House Representatives on the Conference Committee. This is exactly half of what we originally asked for as a community, (6 patients/16 plants), and up from what Rep. Stephenson put in HF4757 (1 patient/8 plants), and I’m staying optimistic that the rest of the conference committee hears us. Even if they don’t, well, we still got a f u c k i n g program Minnesota!!! ✨

I’ve tried to be transparent this entire process, and again, thank you all so much for advocating, and rallying together to get this done! (Only TWO people tried to kill this bill, and they failed, sooo). It just shows that MINNESOTA Canna Patients and Growers (not posers) wanted a program like this! And that’s who matters to me. Thank you for the help, everyone. 🌱💚

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