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MJ Habadashary- Minnesota

WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN- this post is a little 353 days old, but who’s counting? 😅 funny how things happen upon legalization.


Minnesota- you want caregivers? The number of people “already” giving back to the community and their sick loved ones is phenomenal, we just have to showcase ourselves;

So, “HIGH” @mjhabadashary - Molly is everyone’s “hippie” farmer. A woman, I could continuously look up to- Farm to Table from breakfasts to medicines. Molly is the definition of “caregiver” I’D personally want to see in Minnesota- she develops her own products, processes, and gets them tested to reassure her patients and loved ones that “she cares.” Molly is an advocate for outdoor grows, and using your land as a tool, and she is committed to growing in harmony with nature without chemicals.

Im thankful to call her my friend and canna biz ally in this industry. Hemp- Horses- Honey.

Give her a follow, and set up your farm tour! From RIck Simpson concentrates, fresh flowers, and topicals to farm fresh eggs and honey, Molly's got it. Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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