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Mitten Extracts- Detroit, MI

Updated: Jan 13

This is what they consider that "PURE MICHIGAN." :)

@mitten_distro @mittenextractsco

I am a huge fan, and been a huge fan of Mitten Extracts since 2021. They've always been a brand I can depend on for price points, and potency. Flavor have ALWAYS been on point as well. The last few trips to Michigan, I've now found their phenomenal disposable distillate + live resin vapes. Currently, Michigan's 2nd Top Selling disposable.. behind a tobacco vape company that weaseled into the industry. *eyeroll* Mitten's hit HARDER anyway. ;)

1-gram rechargeable disposable vapes are perfect for those that are on-the-go and that prioritize convenience. Each flavor is created with Premium distillate + Live Resin terpenes. Mitten Extracts holds themselves to a "high standard" of quality and a high standard of potency. ..hehe get it? :)

Mitten + PLUS Disposables empower customers to reach new highs, when it comes to their cannabis consumption experience. PS- I've also heard they got infused pre-rolls coming soon!!! <3

Vape Gods, here's the hardware info: 1-gram, Inhale Activated, Micro USB Rechargeable, 280 mAh Battery, and Dual air flow technology.

Please enjoy the cameo from a certain ferret, who is also a huge fan of Mitten Extracts packaging... They got the good plastic.

Are you in The Mitten, and need some for yourself? Hit up my girl, @highitsshannon

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