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Minnesota NEEDS (and would HIGHLY Benefit) from a Cannabis Caregivers Program- Proposal 2023

With a new State Legislation session fast approaching, are you ready to advocate for our Constitutional Rights as Minnesotans? Minnesota Politicians "seemingly" legalized Cannabis on August 1st, 2023- but they left A LOT out. Our own Minnesota State Constitution advocates for the farmer, or, home grower, in Article 13, Section 7;

"Any person may sell or peddle the products of the farm or garden occupied and cultivated by him without obtaining a license therefore." This has been law since 1857. As a Minnesotan, I, and many others I've met, FEEL as though YOU (farmers, and homegrowers) should be able to sell your homegrown, and home processed concentrates (and edibles).

This is a GRASSROOTS effort; No Paid Lobbyists. No secret interests. Quality and accessible products for patients. I started Healing Fear Consulting in 2021 as a way for me to connect patients I met working at a dispensary with local caregivers who had HIGHER quality product for my sick patients- I wanted my patients to have access to affordable, HIGH quality medicine; and know where their seed to shelf product was coming from. The states of Michigan and Maine have FABULOUS Caregiver programs (in my opinion), and Minnesota could take notes, easily. I sent the letter below out to Minnesota State Reps, and Minnesota Senators back in October of 2023, and I've had a very positive response. However, it seems unless there is a group strongly ADVOCATING for these Minnesotan rights, no Politicians have an interest in picking it up to Amend HF 100.

IF a Caregivers program is something you're interested in learning more about, you'd like to be apart of the advocacy, or have questions/suggestions, PLEASE email me at:

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