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Minnesota HF 3766/ SF 4734 Email Templates-

Updated: Mar 7

Please use the templates below to email Minnesota State Represenatives, and Senators, showing your support for a Minnesota Cannabis Caregivers Program, and HF3766/SF4734.

Representatives and Senators can be found using your city or zipcode with this link:

Subject: HF3766/ SF4734

"Hello, Rep. ______

I am a Constituent of yours, and I am writing to you today to request that you support HF3766/SF4734, which is currently in Minnesota’s Legislation. As a medical Cannabis (Patient/Grower/Supporter) here in Minnesota, I believe in quality and affordable medicines. I hope you will too. Thank you.

"_Your Name_"

Please email your statements to your state representative and senator using your email- You're welcome to add more, but please use this template.

Subject: HF3766/SF4734

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