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Minnesota Caregiver Program Proposal Update-

Our Minnesota State Legislative Session starts February 12th, and I'm happy to announce WE WILL have an amendment (BJ119) in session!

**At this time, it has NOT been sent to the Revisor for jacketing (finalization) yet). 

This amendment will be pushing for a max of Six Patients per Caregiver, and Sixteen Plants PER Patient. (As well as your right as a homeowner under HF 100 to grow Eight Cannabis Plants- four mature, four immature). 

TOTALING: 96 Plants as a Caregiver, Eight as a Homeowner = 104 Plants. 

I want to keep this short; nothing is perfect, but, with the language already in HF 100 (SF73), pushing for a caregiver program was a bit smoother than I anticipated- this is only step one, and, in order to critique this caregiver program (if we get past committees), we're going to continue to advocate for details we want unique to a Minnesotan centered caregiver program. ie, caregiver/patient lounges, specific details to registrations, ect. 

After our meeting Jan 25th, the notes went to House Representative staff, which then went to House Research, and Ben Johnson, who was HF100's main House Researcher, and drafter of the amendments last session. His staff than compared our notes to HF 100 in law currently, and made adjustments as needed, so a Caregiver Proposal read smoothly- 

Attached is the Abstract of BJ119, that I received back this week. I hope going forward some of you are able to come forward, and testify (or write statements) at the Minnesota State Capitol this year with me on WHY a Caregiver Program will be beneficial to YOU and Yours. 

Thank you all again for your contributions during this program proposal process. 

We've conquered step one- keep those boots on, we have more steps to conquer. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out with other comments, concerns, or questions- This is a CAREGIVER Community. I am always willing to meet with folks to go over this proposal deeper.

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