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Minnesota becomes NUMBER 23 in Legalization of Cannabis! Gov. Tim Walz Signs HF100 (SF73)- 5/30/23

When you're a Patient advocate, and you've been following Minnesota's legalization process every step, you make sure you get inside the Governor's Private Bill signing, as well as, get a Selfie with Gov. Timmy Walz himself. Special shoutout to Emilo and Mike at Koala Media. ;) A pleasure getting to chat with the life long advocates I've learned from, and I am so thankful I got to witness this historic moment. Shoutout to Minnesota for being NUMBER 23, in the United States to Legalize Adult Use Cannabis! It's not perfect, but it's a template we can now work off of as Cannabis advocates, Cannabis Consumers, and Cannabis Growers/Processors.

Now that Cannabis will be LEGAL this summer, if you're a Minnesotan who's been on the fence about using cannabinoid products, CONTACT ME. Healing Fear Consulting will help get cannabinoids into your daily routine with ease.


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