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"Let's Get Growing!" with LogiBlom, Suga Canna, and Minnesota Cannabis College with Canna Connect- Minneapolis, MN

Sincerely- Wow. As a non grower, I just want to say LogiBlom blew it out of the water tonight with their "How to Get Growing 101" presentation presented by Minnesota Cannabis College, and CannaConnect.

The duo at LogiBlom feed very well off each other in the "Scientific" and "Lehman's Terms," back and fourth that is teaching cannabis gemination. Guests of the class were truly understanding, and engaging in the conversation, and in any group teaching setting, this is HUGE. Guests left with their own LogiBlom "McGrowing" Cup that all we "needed to do was add water!" REALLY CUTE, and Clever idea, by Cat Seven. *(Also of GG4, and Suga Canna Co).

When I hear Minnesotans "worry," about canna supply, I personally could never panic, when we have growers like LogiBlom among us. Let's Get Growing.

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