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post- LEGACY CUP IV, Surly Festival Field- Mpls, MN

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

LEGACY CUP IV 9/30/23, is a wrap- POV you’re in a staff tshirt at @legacycupmn 😅 but you still want pictures with some of your favorite people. 💁🏻‍♀️ @ladygrass_ @youbetcha_canna @meatman_farms @triplebcollectibles @patfearsdabstracts @minnygrown @lakegroupinsurance @mn_womens_cannabis_collective @blncdnaturals

Educational Panels appreciation as well - a little biased, but when your first cannabis teacher (and parent), first adult you trusted on the internet to talk canna with, and now new close friend, and your newest role model in the industry are all on a homegrown panel together, YOU GET A LITTLE EXCITED. 😅🥹

Fantastic job. Love you guys, (and Gal). @incredible_smoking_bongs


@cat.gg_ @sugacannaco

Also nice to meet you, @kurty421 and nice work moderating in the hellish heat, @rachellethewriter !

Sorry for lack of organization of photos. Thankful for Josh, and Legacy Glassworks for including me on such a DOPE event!

..until next year. Vendor Coordinator, retiring for the season. ;)

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