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Lady Grass; Personal Lubricants, Skin Care, Candles, Edibles- Minneapolis, MN

You know that cool auntie we (hopefully) all have, who’ll sneak a smoke sesh with you, always got a new date at the family reunion, and is super hip and knowledgeable? You get TWO of them with Melissa, and Rose of @ladygrass_ !

These ladies are coming at Minnesota with the NSFW Cannabis Knowledge and helping all of us real comfortable and achieve our goals in the bedrooms; with the help of a little T-H-C, C-B-G, and C-B-D.

Lubricants, Candles, Skin Care, Edibles and cute trinkets. Amazing items from this Sister Duo. 👯‍♀️🌱

…plus it’s hard not to enjoy a conversation on two of my favorite things. 😅🫣🤭 …cannabis and their BLISS lube.

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