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I am, Once Again, asking for your supPORT of SF4734- Minnesota


We’re at the HOME STRETCH, and I need the community support MORE THAN EVER Today, AND Tomorrow!

What Do We NEED to Do?

Contact your local SENATORS and ask for them to request for inclusive of SF4734 into Sen. Lindsey Port’s Senate Cannabis Omnibus Bill, SF4782, (to allign with HF4757); The Senate AND House MUST have a matching definition for a program to be established... Use this script, OR, BE POLITE and Creative-

Subject: Inclusion of SF4734 into SF4782

“Dear Senator,

I am a constituent of yours, and I am writing to ask that you as my Senator request a hearing in your committees on Senate File 4734, “Defining a Designated Caregiver Program, for Minnesota Medical Cannabis Patients.”

Your Name

Let’s finish strong to get those last two votes needed for a Caregiver Program!!!

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