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HF 100: Transportation

Another Cold morning, with COLD HEARTED Representatives on House Transportation Committee, while discussing HF 100.

In home personal possession has been highlighted by a few select reps the last few committees; it’s extremely frustrating to me as someone who has SEEN personal limits in a legal state, and the justification behind these numbers.

If you actually have a green thumb, you should be as irritated, if not more, than me.

To shrink the limits will just continue to fuel an illicit market, or make “everyone” criminals.

So then what’s the point of legalization? 🫠🌱

However, it did indeed PASS ✅ the House Transportation Committee, and it’s onto Commerce!

Now the Senate State and Local Government and Veterans affairs committee across the street.

...Seems my pictures uploaded backwards. Too lazy to fix. Enjoy.

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