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Green Wednesday with Healing Fear Consulting

Happy GREEN Wednesday to my Healing Fear Consulting Patients, Peers, and Pot Packers. 

If you're new-ish to the CannaBiz, Green Wednesday is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving where cannabis brands offer promotions, and deals on cannabis products- so, for this Green Wednesday, and as a way to say "DANK YOU!" for supporting Healing Fear Consulting, 

I'd like to offer YOU, and your favorite people some discounted Cannabinoid Education this Holidaze Season! 

  • Discounted group class rates, where hosts can help guide their guests to cannabinoid products, and consume together- Do you have a Storefront? I'd love to come speak!; 

  • 50% off New Patient 1:1 consultations, where I go over patients medical histories and help find them cannabinoid products and consumption methods specific to their medical diagnosis; 

  • Personalized custom cannabinoid product gift sacks, packed with the best Midwest Compliant Cannabinoid products-highest potencies for the lowest prices- Please inform me if you have a product I should know about; 

  • And to keep it political ('tis the season), offering patient advocacy and community group rates to help others get involved with their communities and help end the stigma that surrounds cannabis, still, even in a "legalized" state- there's something special getting to know your neighbors while advocating for natural medicines. Community Leaders, I want to work with you!

This holidaze season, allow Healing Fear Consulting to give the Gift of Cannabinoid Education to your loved ones, friends, and communities; Rather you're sneaking off with cousins for the pre-Turkey Skunk "Walk," Leaving a stranger some Fudge Dipped Cannabis Infused Cookies under the Chimney overnight, or you're cracking open a few Cannabis Seltzers at Midnight to celebrate 365 more days- 

Every BODY Uses Cannabinoids;

You should effectively. 

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