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Freedom Soda Release with Freedom Grow- Minneapolis, MN

Updated: Feb 22

Congratualtions and NICE WORK to Travis Cullen, Susan Sindt, and Freedom Grow - Bringing Light To A Dark Cell on their release of Freedom Soda! A very genuine idea coming to full fruitation, from one of the most chrismatic dynamic duos I've ever met. (Travis and Sue, BFF's). It was a pleasure to finally meet Randy "Lightening" Lainer, ex. professional race car driver, and ex inmate for cannabis.

I HIGHLY suggest looking into the mission of Freedom Grow - Bringing Light To A Dark Cell and volunteering in your state. Travis did a heck of a job bringing this organziation to Minnesota, AND, if you'll notice, we have Minnesotan's CURRENTLY serving time for canna... which is sickening. Anyone whom consumes should be acknowledging families that have been destroyed over stigmas.

Grab a Freedom Soda while you can, and give a chunck of change back to non violent canna inmates.

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