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FIRE Baked Za LLC x CandyCutz PIZZA SAUCE- Twin Cities, MN

GUESS WHO ATE RED SAUCE AND DIDNT HAVE AN IBS ATTACK!? <3 Bless Your ItalianStoner Little Hearts, FIRE BAKED ZA LLC and CandyCutz. Seems like Saint Paul sent the Concentrate(tion), and Minneapolis sent the ChefBoyRBud to Italy for this one; You can taste the fresh ingredients, AND, how the hell did they make tomato sauce stoney? I'm into it. Throw this sauce on everything. No Tums Needed because it's a Caregiver product made with conscious love, and standard. Three Flavors Availble for Dosing. SHOUTOUT TO MY BOYS KILLIN IT ON THIS ONE. Better Ingredients. Better Weed. Fire Baked Za LLC.

...I used mine for Motz sticks. :)

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