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"Disruptors Who Weed"- Washington County, MN

We can now add "Model" to my resume.

Had a phenomenal time with this project for a few local artisits- "Disruptors Who Weeed" - Got to share the experience with Tayanna Ahumada and Molly Jacobsen-Cronk at Molly's wonderful farm.

I felt so pretty- SO if anyone wants to treat me like their human Barbie in the future, I am available.  

Thank you Lauren and Kristina for this experience!

Give these fabulous people some love and follows;


tayanna: @cultivatedglow

kayla: @kfear11


molly: @mjhabadashary

bronson: @bronsonpea


creative director/stylist/videographer: @thisiskristinabigail

creative director/stylist/photographer:

floral designer/stylist: @allisonier

venue: @mjhabadashary

photographer: @katie.kopan

makeup artist: @brooklynkulla

hair stylist: @freelancewolveshair

clothing picks for kayla & tayanna: @rewindminneapolis

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