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Conference Committee- HF 100/ SF 73 Second of...

Updated: May 17, 2023

Conference Committee Numero Two! Monday Morning discussions covered Articles 1,4,5, and 6, and the following topics;

1. Homegrown is effectively a FELONY under the language adopted. All home possession limits are set at TWO POUNDS, and the language adapted has no accommodations for home growers. **This makes me very very upset** 2. NEW Medical combination license; Medical dispensaries that are already in Minnesota (corporate) will be able to sell adult use aka recreational cannabis as well. 3. No cities and governments are able to cap the amount of business in their community- ONE Business per 12,500 people. (I believe is how it reads). 4. Mezzo businesses can now grow medical cannabis 5. On Site consumption of Hemp Beverages adopted 6. Driving while under the influence of Cannabis was just added to the DWI list. (went from DUI to DWI; I believe that means more/ harder fines? I'm no lawyer though). 7. A136 by Rep. Nolan West was proposed which was Cannabinoids Which Were Naturally Occurring in the Cannabis Plant would be allowed in products.. Rep. Zach Stephenson encouraged a NO vote, and the amendment got shot down. **This makes me LIVID.**

Tomorrow is the final scheduled Conference Committee.

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