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CannaWeen at Grounded Gardens- Saint Paul, MN

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

CANNAWEEN at @grounded_gardens_ tonight! All the ghouls and goblins were out, sippin’ on green drinks, and fulfilling Halloweed munchies. 🎃🚀👽 Thank you Bridgette, Shane, and MaryAnn for always having open doors, and a smoking patio for canna curious guests and fried folks. ❤

To Add- had an awesome time seeing what everyone's got in the works as well; @cultivatedglow@kitesoda@wethestash_@grunchysgreenhouse@terpguidesen@frosted_lakes_mi@pizzallcmn@lavishpapersmn@ganjagalzmn@crookedbeverage - The live street fighter battle from @dblock612 and @frostedlakes.mar was entertaining too.

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