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Cannabis CAREGIVERS Program Proposal Meeting- Saint Paul, MN

A SINCERE “THANK YOU!” to everyone who showed up last night (12/20/23) at Grounded Gardens to discuss the development of a Minnesota Cannabis Caregivers Program. We had a fantastic representation of different individuals who a program like this would, and could, affect. 🌱⚕️👏🏼

I think the diversity in the room spoke for itself; Minnesotans want options for medicine and they want to grow their own medicine, for themselves, and their loved ones.

If anyone would like to see the entire PowerPoint, please let me know via DMs or, email. I’m also hoping to hear more feedback from others on the ideas that were presented tonight- if Minnesota can govern ourselves and regulate a hemp industry, why not trust us with canna caregiving? 🤔🌱⚕️

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