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Canna Connect 02- Uptown Minneapolis, MN

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

We were back again, at Canna Connect on July 29, 2023! This time, instead of Healing Fear Consulting having a vendor booth, we actually hosted a panel! *We're growing up we'd like to think. ...and HEY! WE'ER ROCKING OUR OWN T-SHIRTS AND STICKERS NOW! *shameless plug*

Healing Fear Consulting's Panel was on Cannabis Product Education, and we focused on the current available products there are on the market to patients and customers. It was an absolute amazing opportunity for me, and we had a "last minute" (well week) add on of former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, on my panel. He was such a sweet guy, and super fun to talk too. I was extremely nervous, until about 2min into our panel, when Gov. Ventura was laughing at my script with me. My other amazing panelists were Cara Schulz from The Flower Pot in Burnsville, MN, who is an herbalist, business owner, and a member of local government. Mike Gawlik from Natreum Health and Wellness, in Saint Louis Park, and lastly, Brock Frisen, from Northstar Hemp, Carpe Diem CBD, and You Betcha Canna Co, out of Minneapolis, MN. I am so thankful I had fun, knowledgeable, and passionate people on my panel to make me look really good.

I wish I would have had more time to get pictures with all my favorite cannafriends, and vendors, but there were a TON of new faces, and really good companies whom showed up to represent. Can't wait to see you all at the Legacy Cup! (September 30th, 2023).

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