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Canna 4 Beverage Release- Minneapolis, MN

Entourage Effect in full effect. 4Canna. 04. @cannaconnectmn

Congratulations to Stephen, and his new Bev!

Stephen asked me to join the Canna Connect crew for 01 and 02, and both were a blast- from having a booth to educate folks on Healing Fear Consulting, to being @govjventura right hand women during panels; Canna Connect has a special place in my stoner heart. 💚

The seltzer is tasty! I love ginger, apple and lemon, so I was thirsty immediately- throw in 4 of my favorite cannabinoids, CBG, CBD, CBC, and T4C, you got yourself a full on entourage of satisfaction.

@modistbrewing coming thru again with the assist on a great play.

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