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A BILL FOR AN ACT- for Minnesota Cannabis Caregivers- STATE CAPITOL- Saint Paul, MN

Fabulous News for Minnesota Medical Cannabis Patients, AND Hopeful, Minnesota Cannabis CAREGIVERS- We got a BILL FOR AN ACT, proposed!

HF 3766, is the Act to Allow Minnesotans to Select a Personal Caregiver to Cultivate UP TO 16 Plants PER Patient. Six Patients being Max. As well as, still allowing for an individuals right to cultivate HOME GROW Cannabis Plants, (four mature, and four immature) totaling to 106 GRAND TOTAL Max Cannabis Plants for a Registered Cannabis Caregiver in Minnesota.

So, what exactly is the next move?! Well- I'll be looking for Patients, and Potential Caregiver Growers to come forward and testify within the next month, for committees. I'll be typing up a template for folks who would rather not speak at the Capitol, or can't, and I'll be getting the dates out for those of you, like myself, that like to look your Reps. and Senators in the face, while demanding change. :)

Sincere "Thank You's" to: Rep. Jess Hanson, Sen. Clare Oumou Verbeten, "Minnesota Canna Queen," and Consultant Maren Joyce Schroeder from High Level Strategies, and the fabulous community organizers/ small businesses; Bridgette, Shane, and MaryAnn from Grounded Gardens/ GanjaGalz, Bob & Erin from CannajoyMN, Cat from Suga Canna Co/Minnesota Highend Genetics, Adam from TwinCities THC, Tessa from Flutessa Farms, Lynn from Ceres Medical, Angela from "That Stoner's Mom" Massage, and Sensible Change MN.

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