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4/20 MODIST BREWERY 8th Anniversary Celebration! - Minneapolis, MN

The only event I got to attend before The City of Minneapolis towed my vehicle…

@modistbrewing 8th anniversary and 420 party!!!

I wasn’t there for a long time; but it was a damn good time! Modist put together a BEAUTIFUL event for everyone to come together- sesh tent was awesome, and well escalated, @superiormolecular infused Shaved Ice, and all the homies under one roof (and tent); @youbetcha_canna @onpoint_cbd @veristjoy @dougs_nugs_mn @lavishpapersmn @legacycannabismn @magneticbuds @3rdlair

Thankful I got to see y’all before I dealt with the impound for 24hrs.

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