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pre- LEGACY CUP IV storm, and thoughts; Surly Festival Field- MPLS, MN

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

pre Legacy Cup Friday 9/29/23;

When I tell you I’m a super empathetic person, and I was anxious all day Friday about the weather, for then the weather to KICK MPLS ASS for about 30min Friday night after a majority of my vendors set up and were all ready for the main event.. I was feeling sad as hell Saturday. I am so thankful for working with amazingly cool and dope vendors who stayed optimistic, motivated, and just plain wonderful, during it all. Thank you to all of you who stuck around, sold out, made new connections, and had fun!

(My personal apologies for any ruined gear 😫; or snottiness- it wasn’t personal promise).

Video courtesy of the people’s OCM; glad Clem could catch me on camera after getting destroyed by pop up tents and weights 🙃 “nobody sees tears when you’re standing in the storm” - atmosphere).

Pictures of Friday- and Saturday AM.

Shoutout to for slipping me some anxiety meds Friday afternoon.

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