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Mitten Extracts + Collabs, Pressure Pack and Hyman Cannabis- Detroit, MI

Updated: Jan 13

This is what they consider that "PURE MICHIGAN." :)

@mitten_distro @mittenextractsco

I am a huge fan, and been a huge fan of Mitten Extracts since 2021. They've always been a brand I can depend on for price points, and potency. Flavor have ALWAYS been on point as well. This trip to the Upper Homeland brought me to their disposable distillate + live resin vape collabs with Pressure Pack, and with Hyman Cannabis. Both companies provide "At Pressure Pack, we strive to produce the best cannabis available, throughout all of Michigan.From seed to harvesting, each step is thoughtfully planned and expertly cultivated. When you choose a product from Pressure Pack, you can expect a diverse variety of strains, the highest possible quality, and Michigan’s most premium flower."- From Pressure Packs website. @pressurepackmi

"Our team strategically works with licensed retailers throughout the state of Michigan to distribute and educate their community on our limited HYMAN flower. 

Patient appreciation days allow us to stay connected, educate and give back to the community who is our top priority. These relationships are an integral part in our efforts towards breaking the stigma of cannabis leading to a powerful and positive change." - From Hyman Cannabis Website.

1-gram rechargeable disposable vapes are perfect for those that are on-the-go and that prioritize convenience. Each flavor is created with Premium distillate + Live Resin terpenes. Mitten Extracts holds themselves to a "high standard" of quality and a high standard of potency.

Are you in The Mitten, and need some for yourself? Hit up my girl, @highitsshannon

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