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Healing Fear Consulting
Cannabis Healthcare Consulting

Your friend in THC and Cannabinoid HealTHCare;

From Opioids to Cannabis, One Cannabinoid at a time. 

Have you noticed that "THC" is IN the word "Healthcare?"

Makes a medical nerd, like myself, want to take the stigma (against cannabis) out of healTHCare.

Healing Fear Consulting works one on one with Patients to discuss education, and relationships Patients have with one of the Worlds OLDEST MEDICINES- Cannabis Sativa;

Established in 2021, Healing Fear Consulting works as a patient advocate, and cannabis educator in the Midwest Cannabis Market- Healthcare Consulting for short. 
Healing Fear Consulting, is a safe space for those looking for natural options to pharmaceuticals, opioids, and alcohol.  
We are providing educational resources, physician and medical resources, and personal shopping options for medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and cannabinoid products. 
We've worked in healthcare, and the cannabis industry for over a 15+ year span. We have the knowledge, and the time, to work with you to find the best natural products for your healthcare or recreational routines.

Healing Fearing Consulting, is a small, female owned business operating in the Recreational and Medical Cannabis markets. Consulting services are offered in the Legal States of Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota at this time. 

We are appointment only. Fees will vary based on type of consultation services. 

VENMO, and SQUARE Payments Accepted Online;

CASH, VENMO and SQUARE Payments Accepted in Person.

Discounts are ALWAYS available for Medical Card Holders, Veterans, and Seniors.

20% off FIRST Booking. 



Healing Fear Consulting is an educational based service, and information is for an individuals educational purposes only;

Any information published by Healing Fear Consulting does not, and should not replace professional medical advice, by an individuals' medical team.

No medical licenses are held by consultants at this time.

Anything Published on or any of Healing Fear Consulting's social media IS intellectual property of

Healing Fear Consulting, LLC and Kayla Fearing. 

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