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SF 73- Taxes

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Opened up the day here, now we’re closing out the work day here-

Taxes Taxes Taxes committee- Senate style.

SF 73.

Had Dinner with the Senate Taxes committee with their discussion of SF 73; (Which, thank goodness for YouTube so I could go back and laugh). SF73 PASSED ✅ the Taxes Committee palates. Take Aways-

- low dose edibles will be immediately taxable right away come June.

- Agencies believe it’ll take 12-18 months before licensing for this industry can be up and running (Senator port), this is to find the dept of cannabis management and other local governments

- If you purchase less than $100 a month, you’ll avoid the usage tax.

- Still no official fiscal note in the senate; it was due last Tuesday, apparently.

- “The goal of this bill (program) is for it to make enough revenue for it to run itself. We want to generate more revenue, and use (cannabis) revenue for other things in our state.” - Senator Port

- Taxes proposal went up from 8% to 10%. Gov. Walz suggested 15%.

- GET THE SYNTHETICS OFF THE SHELVES: delta 8 sucks. HHC sucks. THCO sucks. Grow up- consume a real cannabinoid.

My facial expressions can’t be stopped. Thanks for all the screenshots. 😘🫣😅

ATLEAST one more Senate committee- pay attention!

Ps- sorry Sen. Rest- the architecture is too pretty not to take pictures of, after hours. *Video of her scolding me at the end of this post. <3

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