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Mitten Extracts, "Melonade" Live Sugar Concentrate- Detroit, MI

It’s important to start your days off with a nutritious breakfast for your endocannabinoid system- like, a fine “Melonade” Live Resin Sugar by @mittenextracttsco 🍈

Fruity, Delicious, and stimulating of the senses. Concentrates are a great way to consume.

- one dab produced this caption from scratch! 😅

Some of you are “intimidated,” by concentrates- but, if you have chronic pain, concentrates are the way to go; a hemp soda isn’t going to hit the pain relief like concentrates can. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I def use more concentrates than I smoke flower. It’s what has worked the absolute best for my body when it’s come to pain management.

Start small, go low, and any patient can dose themselves appropriately with the proper concentrate.

Personally, I’m a Budder girl. My partner, likes sugar.

Some need RSO; Some enjoy Rosin, some enjoy Disty, and some like BHO- every BODY is different, and in some form, usually, can benefit from a concentrate.

If you ever have questions on why to use concentrates, or want to learn more about the differences of form, hit me up.

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