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Healing Fear Consulting, LLC

Okay, a personal post here- after almost two years of an acting business, well, 709 days exactly, I FINALLY, have my Minnesota LLC paperwork/ Business registered for

Healing Fear Consulting, LLC.

It's been an incredibly hard career transition for me- from losing my *dream* Physical Therapy job in 2020, to then, moving out to Michigan and incorporating my healthcare education and experiences, into the cannabis retail market, as a job at dispensaries, I am so happy to have found patients, and canna curious people to fuel my business. I am in it to help people. I want people to pay the right price, for their, right medicine.

and I want the growers, and caretakers to be the superstars- boycott corporate dispensaries. Thank You ALL for the support the last 709 days. <3 Two Year anniversary is coming up July 1, 2023!

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