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HAPPY New Years Eve! Here are two different dosing options for THC Seltzers tonight, if a THC Seltzer will be your choice of beverage;

*please enjoy my pipe cleaners- I wanted a fireworks prop, and it's the best I had ;)*

First, we have Foundry Nation Orange Tangie THC Soda; 5mg Hemp Derived, per 12oz Serving Size; this is a PERFECT drink for a first time, or new, cannabis user; the 5mg is a great starting dose, and if you start to feel a little "too bubbly," you can always save half a can for after the ball drop. Good Orange Taste. Tastes like Soda.

Secondly, a drink that was new to me on the shelves- Rebel Rabbit Seltzer in Mandarin Orange, and Grapefruit; 10mg THC per can.

*can DOES NOT say Hemp Derived, says, "Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol."

With the Rebel Rabbit Seltzer brand, the 12oz can advertises as two servings; I would recommend this seltzer for the "experience" cannabis user. Both had a sharp orange, and grapefruit taste without an artificial after taste.

My experience with drinking any THC beverage is a slight, quick "head high," and a very calm body high. I feel like I've had a class of champagne or a really light glass of white wine. Compared to traditional Brownies, or Gummies as edibles, the THC beverages seem to metabolize in my body fairly quicker than any other edible.

EVERY BODY/ Everybody, is different when it comes to cannabis! "LOW (doses) and SLOW (consumption)" will provide any party goes the best cannabis experience.

Have a GREAT evening celebrating! BE SAFE, PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES, PARTY SMART, Stay High.

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