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HAPPY HOLIDAZE! 4/20, 2023- Twin Cities, MN

Potlitics, and Parties for 4/20! First 4/20 in Minnesota with LEGAL THC/ DELTA-9 Edibles!

I started my day off at the Minnesota State Capitol passing out coupons for Healing Fear Consulting services to our Minnesota State legislatures; If they're going to vote on these laws, HF100 and SF73, I want them to be well informed on all things cannabinoids.

During my time at the Capitol, I rallied with the Teamsters for Cannabis, and I ran into Chris Wright, who is a family friend and a very informed cannabis advocate in the Twin Cities. I sold a patient a container of Healing Fear Consulting's, Pain Topical. Joined the Minnesota Marijuana Smoke Sesh at 4:20pm.

Said "HIII" to Lakes and Legends Brewery to visit my friends with You Betcha Canna, along with new friends Lucky Strains, llc. Got to visit with the OG's Mi Sota Essence Provolone cookies, and Grannys Pretzles (you tasty son's of flours). Also, had to hit up St. Paul Cannabis to visit with the BUDtenders, and get some of the best churros I've ever had. (non infused but I DIDN'T CARE NONTHELESS; that hint of orange was addicting) La Cochinita MN

Lastly, to close the night, I attended the Minnesota Marijuana/ MN NORML 4/20 Event- great people, and a lot of new vendors to visit with. I even saw my ladies at Caked and Baked! <3 They were offering INFUSED COTTON CANDY. Got to Sesh it out with all the local hash heads that were in attendance and really had a blast. Minnesota Marijuana hooked it up with the last minute ticket, appreciate y'all!

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