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Canna Art Basal! - Saint Paul, MN

CANNA ART BASAL! A little CannaReunion today! Shoutout to Urban Lights for welcoming all of us to create and celebrate! Thank you to @grounded_gardens_ and @shop_grow_op for organizing the dope thang! Plus, all the vendors; (sorry if I forget anyone; going off my terrible pics- I'm no photographer, but @bslovelypics is! ;) )-

@cannajoy_mn, @frosted_lakes_mi, @misotaesscence, @cultivatedglow, @hempchocolatiers, @cakeandbakededibles, @kitesoda, @legacyglassworks, @bagslegendsco, @d_block612, @grunchyrolls, @grunchysgreenhouse, @tcdrippymeltz, @surelockpack, @nuqanna_curious, @helpilostmyweedy, @ganjamamas_, @ladygrass_ @bovedafresh, @custiesofficial, @fizzythc,, @mn_fashionhead, @soulstice_farms, @cheef.diesel, @tranquilityminds, @calyxland @skinthatreallymatters, and a few others, I am FAILING on right now. ;)

Sorry I didn't stay for the Downpour.

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